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Like many Americans, I own a gun for home protection.  It usually sits in a gun safe, locked away and out of sight.  I like shooting for fun and practice, but I rarely find time in my busy day to get to the gun range.  Also, as the price of ammo has increased, so has the expense of going to the range.   I was looking for a safe way to train at home, and I particularly wanted my wife to know how to use the gun in case she ever needed to defend herself.  Her lack of understanding of  how the gun functions made her scared to even touch it.  

As I searched for a solution, firearm training systems that use lasers instead of live bullets seemed like the answer.   There are multiple Laser Training Systems on the market.  As I researched, I was surprised at how limited and expensive these systems were.  Some of the more complex systems went for well over $1000, while the cheaper hardware targeting systems lacked features and still sold for over $300.

Being an app developer,  I saw an opportunity to build an app capable of functioning like these much more expensive Laser Training systems.  I went to work and created the first iTarget app, "BULLSEYE".
After the first App was created, I started demonstrating it for friends and family.  My wife was able to overcome her fear of guns by using iTarget with a Laser Bullet instead of live ammo.  As I watched my wife and her friends enjoy target shooting for the first time, I knew I had developed a product that everyone could enjoy. 
I also knew that this was a product that gun owners would LOVE!  Using a 3D printer, I built the prototype of the iTarget sled to hold the target and the phone in optimal positions for the App to work.   I made a video demonstrating how the prototype functions and started an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to see if it would sell.
iTarget raised over $200,000 on Indiegogo.  We invested all the money into bringing the product to life.  It's available now - and I think it's the best value in firearm training systems available on the market.
-Joe Crouch
inventor of iTarget