Pre-Order: iTarget Sled and Laser Bullet Package


iTarget sled and laser bullet. $99


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We are trying to keep up with the demand for our product and are currently having a new batch of lasers manufactured.  We will ship your order as soon as we receive them.  Expected wait time is approximately 30-40 days.

Save money by pre-ordering the Sled and Laser Bullet as a package.

The iTarget Sled is designed to work with the iTarget Pro App, enabling you to make adjustments to get great accuracy.  The iTarget Sled adjusts to fit phones/cases up to 80mm wide - Apple or Android.  The Sled's design will passively amplify the phone's speaker to enhance the gun shot sound.  

The Target Plate section is designed to hold a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. We ship the sled with the printed target for the "Bullseye" training mode included.

iTarget Laser Bullets function like a snap cap, making it safe to dry-fire your weapon.  The batteries are good for about 3000 shots.  The LR626 Batteries are easily replaced.
Be sure to pick the proper caliber for your firearm.