Common Shooting Mistakes & Corrections: iTarget to the Rescue

To excel at firearms handling and shooting, it's crucial to identify and correct common mistakes that can hinder your accuracy, safety, and overall proficiency. Recognizing these errors not only helps you refine your shooting technique but also facilitates faster, more effective progress. With the assistance of iTarget's innovative laser training system, you can easily spot and correct these common shooting mistakes, paving the way for a smoother journey towards mastery.

In this article, we will delve into the most prevalent shooting errors and reveal practical tips for overcoming them by leveraging the benefits of iTarget's at-home training system. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, understanding and addressing these common mistakes will empower you to optimize your performance, enhance your safety, and achieve a higher level of shooting competence.

1. Anticipating Recoil: Preventing Flinching and Jerking the Trigger

One of the most common shooting mistakes is anticipating the firearm’s recoil, which leads to flinching or jerking the trigger. This habit disrupts your aim and results in inaccurate shots. To overcome this challenge, practice slow, steady trigger presses using iTarget's laser training system. Since dry fire practice doesn't involve actual recoils, you'll be able to focus solely on maintaining a steady hand and smooth trigger squeeze. As your trigger control improves during dry fire practice, you'll find it easier to stay on target during live-fire sessions.

2. Improper Grip: Discovering the Ideal Grip for Stability and Comfort

Both inexperienced and seasoned shooters can fall into the trap of using an improper grip. An incorrect grip may cause instability and ultimately affects shot accuracy. The ideal grip should provide consistent stability and control without compromising comfort. To find the right grip for your needs, start by following basic grip guidelines, then make small adjustments based on your personal preference and anatomy.

Utilize iTarget's laser system to experiment with different grip styles while practicing at home. Observe how various grip adjustments affect your accuracy and control. Make incremental changes until you discover the grip that works best for you, offering both stability and comfort.

3. Inconsistent Stance: Maintaining Balance and Control

Your stance plays a critical role in controlling recoil and ensuring accurate follow-up shots. An improper or inconsistent stance might lead to difficulties when absorbing recoil, resulting in decreased accuracy and slower follow-up shot placement. Several popular stances include the Weaver stance, Isosceles stance, and the hybrid Modified Isosceles stance.

Using iTarget's training system, experiment with different stances to find the one that caters to your needs, comfort, and provides optimal control. Remember that adopting a new stance may take time to feel natural; be patient and give yourself ample practice to adapt to the change.

4. Inadequate Sight Alignment: Focusing on the Front Sight

Sight alignment plays a crucial role in accurate shots, and shooters may struggle to maintain a consistent sight picture. The common mistake here is focusing on the target instead of proper sight alignment. This error can cause the shooter to pull the shot, resulting in off-target shots. To avoid this, ensure that your front sight is clear and centered within the rear sight, and the top of the front sight is level with the top of the rear sight.

Use iTarget to practice maintaining a clear, consistent sight picture. The laser training system allows you to experiment with various focusing techniques and helps you understand the impact of proper sight alignment on shot placement.

5. Breathing Techniques: Finding the Right Breathing Pattern

Your breathing pattern can have a significant impact on shot accuracy. Firing during heavy inhales or exhales can cause the firearm to move, resulting in off-target shots. To avoid this issue, consider adopting the natural respiratory pause technique. This involves taking a deep breath, exhaling about half of it, and pausing briefly before pressing the trigger.

With iTarget, you can practice this breathing pattern and other methods to determine the most effective technique for your shooting style. Experiment with various breathing patterns, observing how each one affects your shot placement, stability, and overall experience.

6. Ineffective Follow-Through: Ensuring Consistency

Follow-through involves maintaining your shooting form until your finger leaves the trigger after the shot is fired. Ineffective follow-through can negatively impact shot accuracy and consistency. An abrupt movement or relaxation immediately after firing indicates poor follow-through, which often results from tensing up during the shot.

To improve follow-through, practice shooting with iTarget and intentionally focus on holding your breath, maintaining your sight alignment, and keeping your trigger control steady after the shot. By developing this habit during dry fire practice, it will become a seamless part of your shooting technique during live-fire sessions.

7. Rushing Follow-Up Shots: Prioritizing Accuracy and Control

In certain situations, inexperienced shooters may attempt to fire follow-up shots too quickly, sacrificing accuracy for speed. To achieve effective follow-up shots, practice maintaining consistent sight alignment, trigger control, and recoil management during each iTarget shot. By following these critical steps, you will develop a precise rhythm that blends speed and accuracy, enhancing your overall shooting performance.


Identifying and rectifying common shooting mistakes is a vital step towards enhancing your firearms proficiency and safety. Utilizing the state-of-the-art iTarget laser training system provides a convenient, risk-free, and cost-effective platform to fine-tune your shooting technique. By addressing these prevalent shooting errors, you can overcome challenges in grip, stance, sight alignment, breathing, follow-through, and more. Invest in dry fire practice with the help of iTarget and unlock the true potential of your marksmanship abilities in the comfort of your own home. With dedication and targeted practice, you can overcome common errors and witness a significant leap in your shooting precision and consistency. Transform your firearms experience with iTarget today, building confidence and mastery for a lifetime of responsible and rewarding shooting endeavors.