7 At-Home Drills to Sharpen Your Shooting Skills


Whether you are a novice shooter or an experienced firearm enthusiast, regular practice is vital to continually hone your shooting skills. With iTarget's impressive laser training system, mastering your craft has never been more accessible or convenient. This article will cover seven types of at-home drills that can help you refine your technique, enhance your accuracy, and boost your confidence as a shooter, all from the comfort of your own home.

Using iTarget's cutting-edge technology, you will have access to a versatile training platform that caters to various skillsets and training objectives. From practicing trigger control and sight alignment to simulating challenging scenarios or dynamic target transitions, the iTarget laser training system and these expert-recommended drills will revolutionize the way you approach firearms practice. Embrace the convenient world of dry fire training, and dive into our guide on how to maximize your training potential using iTarget.

Trigger Control and Follow-Through

One key component of accurate shooting is proper trigger control. Mastering consistent trigger control can make a significant difference in accuracy and shot placement. To practice trigger control and follow-through with iTarget:

  • Set up an appropriate target at a comfortable distance.
  • Ensure your firearm is unloaded and equipped with the iTarget laser bullet.
  • Assume your shooting stance and grip your firearm as you would during live fire.
  • Focus on the front sight, align it with the rear sight, and line it up with the target.
  • Press the trigger slowly and steadily, maintaining sight alignment until the shot breaks.
  • Follow through by keeping the sights on target and preparing for any necessary follow-up shots.

Repeat this drill multiple times, focusing on the smooth, consistent motion of the trigger and maintaining proper sight alignment throughout the process.

The Wall Drill

The Wall Drill helps improve sight alignment and trigger control while preventing flinching or anticipation. To perform the Wall Drill using iTarget:

  • Find a blank wall with no distractions to set up your target.
  • Stand approximately an arm's length away from the wall.
  • Align your sights on a specific, small point on the wall, simulating a target.
  • Slowly and deliberately pull the trigger, maintaining sight alignment and minimizing any movement during the trigger press.
  • Reset the trigger and repeat the process, focusing on clean, crisp trigger presses without disturbing sight alignment.

Perform the Wall Drill regularly to wire your muscle memory for consistent trigger control and proper sight alignment.

The Balance Drill

The Balance Drill helps to enhance the steadiness of your grip and shooting stance. To carry out the Balance Drill using iTarget:

  • Place a coin or other small, flat object flat on top of your firearm's front sight.
  • Assume your standard shooting stance, aiming at a target using iTarget's laser training system.
  • Slowly pull the trigger while keeping your sights aligned and attempting to keep the coin balanced on the front sight.
  • Observe the coin's stability throughout the shooting process.

The goal of the Balance Drill is to maintain enough smoothness in your trigger press and grip that the coin remains balanced on your firearm.

Target Transition Practice

This drill aims to improve target acquisition and shooting efficiency for multiple targets. To practice target transitions with iTarget:

  • Set up multiple targets in your practice space at various distances, sizes, and angles.
  • Load your firearm with the iTarget laser bullet.
  • Begin with the first target, focusing on the front sight and initiating proper trigger control.
  • Once you have completed your shot on the first target, quickly and smoothly transition to the next target, aligning your sights and pressing the trigger.
  • Repeat the process for each target, concentrating on fluid transitions and maintaining sight alignment and trigger control.

The Target Transition Practice drill will help to enhance your target tracking ability, speed, and transition efficiency.

The Draw and Engage

The Draw and Engage drill focuses on developing smooth, efficient draw techniques and engaging the target rapidly. To practice Draw and Engage with iTarget:

  • Set up a target at a comfortable distance.
  • Begin with your firearm holstered or at the ready, depending on your preference.
  • On a signal or command, quickly draw your firearm, align the sights, and engage the target with a well-aimed shot.
  • Reholster your firearm or return it to the ready position.
  • Repeat the drill, working to improve your speed and accuracy from start to finish.

Regular practice with the Draw and Engage drill will develop your ability to quickly and accurately engage targets from both holstered and ready positions, valuable for self-defense or competition scenarios.

The Rhythm Drill

The Rhythm Drill involves practicing shooting at different speeds and cadences to develop stability, accuracy, and timing. To conduct the Rhythm Drill using iTarget:

  • Set up a target at a comfortable distance.
  • Load your firearm with the iTarget laser bullet.
  • Set a metronome (or a metronome app) to a slow tempo.
  • At each beat, fire a shot, focusing on maintaining proper sight alignment and trigger control.
  • Gradually increase the metronome settings to practice firing at faster tempos while maintaining accuracy and control.

By practicing the Rhythm Drill, you can develop steadiness and consistency in your shooting at various speeds, improving your overall shooting skillset.

The Surprise Break Drill

The goal of the Surprise Break Drill is to train yourself to avoid anticipating recoil as you squeeze the trigger. To practice the Surprise Break Drill with iTarget:

  • Set up your target and load the iTarget laser bullet in your firearm.
  • Have a partner assist you in setting the trigger of your firearm without you watching.
  • Align your sights on the target and begin to press the trigger, focusing on maintaining sight alignment and a steady trigger press.
  • When the shot breaks, it should be a surprise to you, thus training your mind to avoid flinching in anticipation of the shot.

Practicing the Surprise Break Drill regularly can help remove the tendency to flinch or anticipate recoil, ultimately improving your shooting accuracy.

Enhance Your Shooting Skills with iTarget's At-Home Drills

These seven at-home drills provide a comprehensive training regimen to help you develop and refine your shooting skills with iTarget's innovative laser firearm training system. From mastering trigger control and sight alignment to enhancing your grip, speed, and overall accuracy, practicing these drills with consistency and dedication will yield measurable improvements in your shooting performance.

Upgrade your firearm training experience at home with iTarget's advanced technology. Embrace safety, convenience, and effectiveness with iTarget's firearm training device. Unlock your potential and become a more confident and capable shooter with expert-approved at-home shooting drills. Discover the iTarget advantage today and take your skills to the next level!