iTarget Pro Trouble Shooting Guide

The first step in using the iTarget Pro app is to watch the instructional videos we have made. 
The videos are here:

If you've followed all the steps in the videos and you're still having problems with the system, please confirm the following steps.
The app needs to see one of our targets with the 4 triangles in order for the app to auto align the target overlay.

Extend the sled all the way and make sure the phone's camera can see the entire target plate.  It needs to see all 4 triangles completely in order to auto align the overlay.

If you're using a target that does not have the 4 triangles, you can print out one of ours from our website.

If the camera sees all 4 triangles and the red overlay isn't displaying, make sure there is enough light in the room.

Make sure that there isn't a glare warning on the app.  Overhead lights can cause a glare.
Try changing the lighting in the room or simply moving the sled around.  There should be an even lighting on the target.  No direct light and shadows at the same time.

Once the lighting is correct and the camera sees the 4 triangles, the red overlay will auto align.

To use a target without the triangles you need to manually adjust the target overlay.

Once the red overlay automatically aligns, you can double tap the screen to start training - or go to the gear icon and change it to "shoot to start".  (This is covered in the video)

If you are shooting the gun and you can see the red laser hit the target plate, but the app is not responding to the laser  -- or if the app is detecting shots when you are not shooting - then you need to adjust the sensitivity.

This section of video 2 shows you how to do that:

The laser detection is affected by the lighting in the room, the amount of light hitting the target, the phone camera getting a flare from a light and the adjustment of the laser sensitivity setting in the app.
Make sure there is an even light on the target, no bright spots and shadows at the same time.  Also watch out for direct overhead lights that may cause a glare or the phone's camera seeing a light in the background.
Go into the "change laser sensitivity" setting in the app and try the different presets for low, medium and high.
Hold the laser in your hand and press on the back so it lights up.  Point it at the target and adjust the laser sensitivity until the screen is black and the only white that shows up is the laser shot. 
The tracking marks will show when the shot would be detected. 
If you go into the custom setting, you can fine tune it with both a sensitivity setting and a hue setting.  Depending on lighting conditions, sometimes adjusting the hue setting to around 170 will help it to detect the laser in some lighting conditions.
Using these adjustments, you should be able to fine tune the app to detect the laser very accurately each time.

If you wish to downgrade to the older version of the app, that is only possible on Android phones.

Apple does not allow us to offer the older version on their store and we can not distribute it without using their app store.

To install the older version on Android:
Uninstall the app from your phone.
Click on this link on your phone or copy and paste it into your address bar.

Your phone will download and ask to install the app.

It may ask you to enable support for 3rd party apps in your phone's security settings since this is not on the Google Play Store.