Trouble Shooting iTarget Cube connection issues

First, watch the instructional video

Troubleshooting cube connection issues:
Step 1) On your phone, make sure you have both bluetooth and WiFi turned on.
Disconnect from any Bluetooth devices your phone is connected to. You can re-connect to these devices once the Cubes have been programmed.

Step 2) Make sure you are using the correct app. The Cubes use the "iTarget Cube" app, not "iTarget Pro" or "iTarget 2.4"

Step 3) Make sure the WiFi network you are connecting to is not a guest network, that you are not running a VPN and that the SSID (Network name) is not hidden. Guest networks don't allow devices to communicate with each other.

Step 4) The Cubes can only connect to a network that has a password and the password can not contain the characters # or $ or a space.

If you use your phone's autofill feature to enter your password, make sure your phone doesn't put a space at the end. It often does. Make sure the WiFi network is using a valid password and that you are entering the correct password.

Step 5) Some routers will broadcast on the 5ghz and the 2.4 ghz frequency at the same time and allow you to split them up with different names. If they have different names, try naming them the same and give them the same password. Sometimes the phone will switch automatically to whichever channel it thinks is a better connection. You could also try disabling one of these frequency broadcasts in your router settings.

Step 6) On an iPhone, make sure the iTarget Cube app has Precise Location turned on. This allows the app to access the WiFi. To do this, go to settings on your phone - scroll down to where all your app are listed - select the iTarget Cube app - select "Location" - make sure "Precise Location" is turned on.

Step 7) Some phones will use the Cell Data instead of the WiFi - try disabling the cell data connection on your phone to see if that makes a difference.

Proper connection process:
Step 1) Start by erasing the WIFi connection on each cube by holding the WiFi button down until it says "connection interrupted"

Step 2) Wait for a few seconds until each cube has the steady light and the slowly blinking light.

Step 3) Once you have the steady light and slowly blinking light, hit the plus sign on the app and enter your WiFI password.

Step 4) Make sure the password is correct, When you enter this password, if your phone gives you word suggestions above your keyboard as you type and you enter your password from there - delete the extra space that it puts at the end of the word

The app then searches for and programs the cubes with your WiFi information using Bluetooth.

You should notice a change in the lights on the cube as each one is found.
Do the lights change at all - or does it stay one solid light and one slowly blinking light?

After each cubes gets programmed, it changes to 2 steady lights and the cubes should appear in the app. If the cubes lights change, but the cubes do not appear in the app, there is likely a router setting that can be adjusted like WiFi 6, which may need to be turned off.