Will it work in my gun?

This post is to have a place to list the weapons that customers have had problems using the iTarget laser bullets in.  We are dedicated to continually improving our products to allow them to work in as many guns as possible.  

If your gun is on this list, check back later as we may take guns off this list as we change the design of our product to work with more weapons.

If your weapon is not on this list, that means it should work because there hasn't been any reported issues.  

There is a known issue with the Ruger SR series.  The firing pin stays engaged after each shot, keeping the laser on until the slide is re-racked.  Some customers are content to work around this issue by taking the gun off of target quickly after the shot or quickly re-racking before the app detects a second hit.

So far these guns have given customers problems with the laser bullets.

Ruger SR series

Ruger P95

Walther PPS 

Walther CCP

Beretta AX100 - In this rifle, the .223 laser get's stuck in the bolt after each shot.