Will it work in my gun?

We are dedicated to continually improving our products to allow them to work in as many guns as possible.  Watch this video to see how your gun may function when dry firing with a laser bullet.

In the Ruger SR series and some Walthers, the firing pin stays engaged after each shot, keeping the laser on until the slide is re-racked. We do have a fix for this, we have a different end cap that we can send you that will pulse off after each shot.

These guns require a pulse end cap.  After you order the correct caliber of laser, Email us at sales@itargetpro.com with your order number and we will be sure to send you the laser with a pulse cap.

Ruger SR series

Ruger P95

Walther PPS 

Walther CCP

Beretta AX100 - In this rifle, the .223 laser gets stuck in the bolt after each shot.

The Tanfoglio 9mm firearm has a hexagonal barrel that is tighter than the dimensions of our 9mm laser.  A 380 laser will work in this firearm.